Vaccine Manufacturing

The limited availability of vaccines against influenza is often well documented, particularly during the winter months, and consequently the World Health Organisation sought to increase the global manufacturing capacity and advised the pharmaceutical companies to make appropriate provisions.

The Client was engaged to design, construct and commission a new manufacturing facility that could process a significantly increased batch size. The functional requirement represented around a 10-fold increase in the total number of eggs that could be sterilised, infected with the desired influenza strain, incubated and harvested and was far in excess of the capacity of any of the commercially available pharmaceutical grade process equipment. As part of this there was also a need to improve the environmental hygiene within the incubators beyond that which was commercially available.

These factors represent an appreciable technological advance that was required to develop a facility that complied with the WHO guidance for human vaccine production and could successfully process the required batch sizes. This project was demonstrated to be contain qualifying R&D from the outset through until completion of commissioning.

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