Start your R&D TAX Claim Today

Did you know that more than 50% of STEM (Science, Technical, Engineering & Manufacturing)[i] businesses within the UK are unaware that many of their projects could be eligible for R&D tax relief? This relief allows you to reduce your corporation tax bill or, in some cases, to receive a payable credit from HMRC.

Wherever you are in the project lifecycle, from concept development to final testing, we can work closely with your business to assess whether there is a realistic opportunity to claim R&D relief. Don’t worry if you have already finished your R&D project, we may still be able to prepare and submit a claim.

Although before we do any of this we need to have a brief chat about the business and to understand what type of work you do and what type of technological challenges you might face. We use a FREE 30-minute exploratory call to explore whether your business and projects are likely to be eligible to claim. We aim to give a realistic assessment of whether there is an opportunity to claim R&D relief and, in the event that we feel that there isn’t, we can summarise how we came to our decision.

Remember you would only become liable for fees in the event that your claim for R&D relief was successful. Any exploratory or upfront advisory work that we undertake would be at no cost to you.

[i] Evaluation of the Research and Development Tax Relief for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, London Economics, HMRC, 2020

What We Need From You Before Our Call

To help you get the best from our initial chat it would be useful for you to come prepared to talk about:

  • Industries you operate within and what sort of projects you typically get involved with.
  • Background on some projects that we could assess for potential R&D. This doesn’t have to be an exhaustive list but should be representative of the work that you do.
  • Any awards that you may have won, particularly for innovation.
  • Company registration number and website. Using this info we can do some background research on the business.
  • So we can get a realistic feel for how much relief might be available we would need to see at least the most recent Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss account. Prior years can be helpful to understand the business better but aren’t essential at this stage.

After we have had the initial call we will do some additional research into your business, the sectors that you work in and we will provide you with written feedback on the potential opportunity for you to make successful claims for R&D relief.

If you would like to know more please complete the Calendly form below to book in the exploratory call and start your claim today.