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Never claimed R&D tax credit

You’re not alone… It may be that you don’t realise you are doing activities that could qualify for research and development tax credits. Or maybe you just haven’t heard of them. Either way, did you know that up to £7 billion pounds each year goes unclaimed by SMEs?

Visualise your project

You’ll see below three project timelines – A, B and C. Firstly, you’ll have to think in terms of where in your project you have had difficulties in delivering a successful solution, which could be at any point. Whilst we’ve only shown three possibilities, there are a number of others, as R&D can start or finish at any point in the project lifecycle.

  • In the case of ‘A’ – no troubles at all. The project runs smoothly, and you’ve found solutions for any potential challenges. So, this project was pretty routine and challenge-free.
  • When you started project ‘B’ you didn’t anticipate any problems. However, partway into your project, you realised that your original solution might not work. To address this challenge, you had to do some additional activity. You tried to overcome the challenge before continuing the project.
  • Finally, when you started project ‘C’ you had no clear route to delivering what was wanted. You couldn’t be sure until you’d finished the project that you had been successful.

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