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Great – you’re already aware of the benefits of research and development tax relief. We’re guessing that if you’ve come to this page, then you’re still curious about what a realistic claim is for your type of business? Given the complexities of R&D tax legislation, this is perfectly understandable.

Maybe the work involved in preparing the claim seems a bit much? Are you claiming enough R&D tax relief? We remove this burden by assessing your eligibility and preparing a claim on your behalf. And, the best bit of all, you won’t have to pay our fee until the benefit is credited into your account.

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Don’t worry, we can help.
Whatever your situation, we’ll be happy to look over your previous claims.
We’ll review both the overall level of benefit and the quality of the supporting information. And, this will be at no cost to your business.

What’s next?

If we think that we could legitimately increase the level of your claim, improve the claim preparation process or the quality of the supporting information, we’ll let you know. You would then decide whether you want to engage us to do your R&D claims.

If it turns out that you’ve got the process sorted and we feel that your claim is about the right level, then we’ll tell you that too (and thank you for the opportunity to chat). Moving forwards, we’d still be happy to work with you if you fancied a change of advisor. Please do get in touch if you have any questions.

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