Flooding Project

A pilot study was commissioned to investigate how integrated urban drainage could provide a benefit to the way stakeholders manage the drainage problems within their catchment. A key element of the study was to understand the cause of flood risk within the catchment and to define a holistic approach to resolving the long standing flooding and water quality

This area of approximately 30km² with a population of 156,000 has suffered from numerous flooding incidents and water quality issues. Despite three major flood alleviation schemes it continued to suffer from severe flooding. The area was heavily urbanised and drained to the local watercourse, a separate surface water sewerage system and a foul sewerage system.

The project sought to understand the complex fluid dynamics of the interaction between rainfall, the river, and sewer flows and the relationship of these flows to the configuration of the sewer system. These interactions need to be fully understood in order to establish the root cause of the water quality issues and provide hypothetical solutions.

Having investigated this project with the Client and explored both the nature and extent of the work collectively necessary to resolve the technological uncertainties and achieve a technological advance we successfully demonstrated that the project qualified for relief under the Large Company scheme.

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