Q. How much would this cost me?

Typically, we charge a percentage of any tangible benefit that is received by the claiming company and fees only become due once the benefit has been received. We find that this provides natural moderation of claims to levels that are realistic and justifiable. And, of course, it means that the claim process doesn’t have a detrimental impact on your cash flow. The actual percentage charged is variable depending upon the size and complexity of the claim.



Q. How long could it take to receive my tax credit?

Inevitably the larger, more complex claims will take more time to prepare than those that are smaller and more straightforward. For an SME claiming for a single project within an accounting period it may be possible to prepare and submit a claim within a week. At the other extreme a claim under the Large Company scheme could take a number of months.

Once an SME claim has been filed HMRC aim to review within 28 days and will either settle or ask for additional information. Claims by a Large Company are normally dealt with through their CRM with support from a specialist R&D unit.



Q. Will it distract my staff from their core activities?

We recognise that their time is valuable and that overall business success depends on your ability to maintain a client focus. Consequently, we aim, as far as practicable, to minimise the time that we spend with your technical staff and specialists. For more information please refer to the outline of the claim preparation process elsewhere on the site.



Q. How would I receive the R&D Tax Credit?

This will depend upon the timing of the claim relative to the tax period to which it relates and whether the credit is used to offset a corporation tax liability or, for an SME, is surrendered for a cash credit. Where the credit is used to offset a corporation tax liability the benefit is in the reduction of that liability and there would be no separate credit issued by HMRC. Any repayment due would normally be issued by HMRC as a cheque.



Q. Is my IP safe?

Absolutely. We will not share any information regarding the client claim except when required to do so by law. i.e. on demand of audit under statutory powers. If required, we would also be prepared to sign a non-disclosure agreement. In a reciprocal arrangement we would also expect that our clients will not disclose the results of the claim or reports prepared by us to any third party, including their normal tax advisers, except under statutory requirements to HMRC or other government agency and in this that we would be informed of this before, or as soon as practicable after supply of the report.


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