Encouraging R&D with Staffordshire’s Local Specialist

If you work at a Staffordshire-based business, then you are right in the heart of the region that will benefit from the UK Government’s investment in the Midlands Engine Strategy.

The Midlands Engine Strategy, which is gaining momentum, is set to help the Midlands region including Staffordshire, Tamworth and Birmingham, to invest and maximise trade potential; supporting enterprise and innovation for a more dynamic regional economy.

Many Staffordshire businesses are planning to take advantage of the extra support provided through this strategy by undertaking research and development (R&D) work. This of course has its own rewards, such as gaining a competitive advantage, but that’s not all that makes R&D activities an appealing prospect.

R&D Tax Claims through Staffordshire R&D Specialist

Staffordshire businesses have been turning to a local Staffordshire R&D Tax Specialist, Nick Biden,to help them submit R&D claims which enable them to receive a reduction in their corporation tax bill, or a cash incentive. This not only helps mitigate  the costs incurred from R&D projects, but also helps Staffordshire businesses contribute to the success of the Midlands Engine strategy.

Unlike general accountants that hold only superficial knowledge of the R&D Tax Relief Scheme, Nick is trained and experienced in the complexities of the scheme. This means that he understands exactly which R&D activities qualify, as well as the specific details that need to be included to make R&D claims successful.

As a R&D Tax Specialist in Staffordshire, Nick holds an expert knowledge of the region’s industries and regularly works with local companies to improve R&D opportunities. With over 26 years’ experience within the industrial engineering, water, nuclear, power and process industries, Nick holds extensive knowledge in even the most complex areas of R&D.

So, whichever industry your business operates in, using an experienced Staffordshire R&D Tax Specialist like Nick, will ensure that your R&D tax claim is handled professionally, and accurately formulated to extract the optimum value of eligible costs.

R&D Services for Staffordshire Businesses

 To take advantage of future R&D activities perhaps prompted by the Midlands Engine, or to claim for R&D projects that have been conducted in the past two years, Staffordshire businesses rely on Nick for expert evaluations.

As a Staffordshire R&D Tax Specialist, Nick works with local businesses to:

  • Review previous R&D Tax Credit claims to see if claim amounts are above, below or around the average for their sector
  • Scope the potential of future R&D projects, to establish the benefits that can be achieved, including possible claim amounts
  • Prepare and submit accurate R&D tax relief claims
  • Deal with the HMRC during the period that the HMRC are considering the R&D tax claim

However, rather than having to outlay costs to start the process like other R&D tax businesses, using Nick as your Staffordshire R&D Tax Specialist means that fees are eligible for payment after the benefit has been received; supporting your Staffordshire business to maximise cash flow, in other words, no benefit, no fees.

As an experienced R&D Tax specialist in Staffordshire, Nick can also provide expert advice on activities that qualify for R&D tax credits.

If you work in a business based in the Midlands, such as Staffordshire, Tamworth or Birmingham, then your local R&D Tax Specialist Nick Biden will work with you to identify the maximum costs that can be reclaimed from R&D activities.

To find out how you can make the most of opportunities to increase R&D activities and receive a valuable cash payment or tax reduction, contact Nick at R&D Tax North West here today.

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