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We’ve helped organisations identify over £250m of eligible R&D tax relief activity. Research and development tax credits can help you to fund improvements to your products, processes or services. Or maybe you want to develop some new ones? You could benefit from a reduced tax bill or you may receive a repayment.

Nick Biden, Director, R&D Tax North West

Imagine what your business could do with an extra £56,000?

Do you manufacture products, parts or systems? Are you a science or technology business? Do you carry out any research and development (R&D) activities? Have you cancelled projects or shelved ideas, simply due to a lack of funding?

Many businesses are either unaware of their eligibility for R&D tax relief, or they’re currently underclaiming. Depending on your project, your company may be entitled to at least £56,000 in tax relief. We will help you navigate the R&D Tax Credit process and prepare the claim on your behalf.

Due to our specialist R&D expertise, we fully understand this complex tax area. Once we’ve learned all about your business and your projects, we can help you achieve a successful Tax Credit claim. You can then reinvest this benefit back into your business to help you develop and grow.

Claiming R&D Tax Credit does not have to be time-consuming - we only spend a few hours a year with many of our clients.

We do all the hard work, so you can focus on your business operations. This important tax benefit could help you to become more competitive, so you can take your company to a global stage.

Our Simple Six Step Process:

  1. Give us your financial info
  2. Tell us about your projects
  3. We’ll ask you some questions
  4. Your application will be prepared and checked
  5. Your claim will be submitted by e-filing
  6. Our fee will be paid once your claim has been credited by HMRC
The average SME claim is £56,000, which could be back in your business in just 6 - 9 weeks
What if we could give you an extra £1M to help you grow your business?
Successfully secured over £25M in payments for claiming companies
Call us on 01827 338118 today for a free assessment to see if you can claim

Confused About A Claim?

Let us help you figure it out – click on your status below to find out more!


We will check whether your business or project is entitled to tax relief.


If you’ve already submitted a claim, we can advise you.


Don’t worry, we will explain everything in plain English.


We will work alongside your firm to help you help your clients.


Our process is simple and won’t take up a lot of your time. Don’t miss out on potential tax relief!

Tax Calculator

Our R&D Tax Credit Calculator will help you estimate what your claim could be worth. Your business may be eligible to receive a cash credit or a reduced tax liability. Your project does not necessarily need to be successful to qualify for R&D tax relief. In fact, failures can, sometimes, be easier to justify.

HMRC allows Additional Deductions for any activity that qualifies as research and development. How you receive your R&D tax relief benefit will depend on whether your business is profit-making or loss-making. There are many other factors that could also influence the actual tax relief you might receive.

Claiming tax relief for research and development is a complex area. Our free assessment will confirm whether your business is eligible.

Our Approach

R&D North West has a specialist background in engineering, combined with R&D tax relief expertise. This exclusive blend of knowledge helps to ensure your application is viable and you can achieve the maximum benefit available.

Did you know that qualifying companies often save around 10 – 15 % on their Corporation Tax bill?

Your claim will be prepared and submitted

Our fee is based on your successful application

We will work alongside your accountant

Full liaison with HMRC

We Have A Proven Track Record, But Don't Take Our Word For It...

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